Mark you calendars for November 20!

Remember our all-vegetarian Congregational Meeting Brunch in February? We’re doing it again on our Sunday-before-Thanksgiving noon get-together to remind us of the ecological benefits of eating less meat: it requires less energy and water to produce, not to mention being good for our bodies!

This (roughly) quarterly potluck brunch coincides with our Food Waste Sunday where we will learn about how the food we throw away not only wastes our dollars, but also wastes all the water, land, and energy that was used to produce it. This is especially sad in a world in which so many go hungry. Food Waste Sunday encourages us to try harder to avoid waste. It can include better menu-planning, and using creativity to “use up” what’s in our pantries and refrigerators rather than buying more.

So if you are so inclined, create your vegetarian meal from what you already have in your home– use those veggies in the back of the vegetable drawer, that half block of cheese you used for a recipe, or that box of pasta or bag of beans in your pantry. Try Googling “recipe using X and Y”  You’ll be amazed at the many interesting ideas that come your way.

Want more ideas? How about a stir fry or chopped salad of the your leftover vegetables, or this “fridge-dive pesto pasta“?

Want to learn more about Food Waste issues? Check sustainabletable.org.