Our Mission Commission has given a donation to Rena Bernardini to help her get to Nicaragua to carry out her Dance Ambassadorship there.

Rena Bernardini, our Debbie’s daughter, is a graduate of the London School of Ballet and Modern Dance, has danced at the Royal Opera house in London, has studied at the Boston Conservatory of Dance and is currently in residency as a principal Demi-Soloist at a dance company in Ft Wayne, IN. 
One of her duties during this residency is as Coordinator of Outreach.  Rena is also an Ambassador for a group of 10 elite dance conservatories who want to send their dancers to help develop leadership and community building through dance education and various dance programs, such as “Dance for  Parkinson’s”.
In this capacity as an ambassador, Rena is in Granada, Nicaragua for 3 weeks, working with a consortium of 4 organizations called the Jundos Collective which works to address Social Justice issues, poverty and the arts abroad; especially in Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala.

You can read her blog here.