raisinggratefulkidsWriter and blogger Kristen Welch gives helpful strategies to parents in Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World; how one family learned that saying “no” can lead to life’s biggest “yes” (248.8 W). In today’s fast- paced instant gratification culture, her message of selflessness and thankfulness is accompanied by practical advice and examples from her family. There are even appendices with a “cell phone contract between parent and child,” recommended resources, and a discussion guide. (See also her web page and blog: www.WeAreThatFamily.com.)

carryonwarriorAnother guide to life is Carry On Warrior; the power of embracing your messy, beautiful life, by Glennon Doyle Melton (248 M). A series of reflections, some of which are from her blog www.Momastery.com, they are hilarious &/or poignant reminders to women that they are not alone. As one reviewer wrote: “Glennon’s like your favorite girlfriend: game to talk about anything, unafraid to take chances, and refreshingly honest about her past and present struggles.”

~Carol Jensen, Church Librarian