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Interested in learning more about the intersection of faith and science after our recent Sunday events?

John Polkinghorne, internationally known as both a theologian and a physicist, has written extensively on this topic.

New to the church library are his:

Quarks, Chaos & Christianity; Questions to Science and Religion (215 P)

Questions of Truth; 51 Responses to Questions about God, Science, and Belief (215 P)

The Way the World is; the Christian Perspective of a Scientist (215 P)

Also, Ian G. Barbour, another distinguished figure in the field, has written

When Science meets Religion; Enemies, Strangers, or Partners? (215 B)

The question/answer format of the first two titles above make them useful for browsing &/or answering a particular concern, but all of them are accessible to the general reader. The authors argue that Christianity presents a credible and compelling worldview that can be taken seriously even while fully understanding the importance of science.

~Carol Jensen, Church Librarian