Some of the features located within My FPCY include:


  • Your profile
  • Your giving history
  • Immediate online giving
  • Pledging
  • Directory of members: phone numbers, email (if public), home addresses
  • A listing of the church groups that you are associated with, and the ability to email, print a directory or print mailing labels for each member of your group
  • Opportunities to volunteer for certain efforts
  • Opportunities to sign up, and even pay for, events



My FPCY allows members of First Presbyterian Church the ability to access their membership and giving information online, and to view a directory of church members. You may also pledge your commitment here, and you can give online using MyFPCY. You can even sign-up for serving opportunities and special events!

You may submit change requests related to your membership information through this program. Those requests will be verified by the office manager and updated in a timely manner. You are the only person who has the ability to view your own family’s detailed information. Other church members will only be able to view your name, address, phone, e-mail information (if you care to share it), and photo. This is the same information that would be printed in the church directory.

Click on the button above to access My FPCY. (You can also get there from any FPCY website page via the “Direct to My FPCY” link under “My FPCY” on the “Resources” menu, or going directly to

To utilize My FPCY, you must be listed in our database with a valid email address. If the church does not have a current email address, please contact the office to submit updated information.

Frequently Asked Questions: Here are the most common questions asked about My FPCY.

Want to know more about My FPCY? Please contact the office (914.245.2186).

Text Messaging Opt In – Click here to “opt-in” and allow us to send you text messages. Initially, we’ll use texts for youth information and events. Texts may also be helpful to communicate to the congregation in emergency situations when phone lines and internet connections may be unavailable. The text messages you will receive, when you join and/or receive it from the church, will come from an address that starts sms@churchlife….. (Each text message includes a way to “opt out”. You can also opt-out by accessing your profile on My FPCY.)