WHEN? Saturday, June 8, 2019 — Beginning at 5:30 pm at Fellowship Hall

This is the popular annual First Presbyterian Church event. It offers a chance to meet and chat with new friends or that friendly face across the Church aisle.  We begin the evening with appetizers and cocktails at 5:30 p.m. Then at 6:30p.m. we separate into smaller groups to the home of our host.  The evening ends with a Dessert CafĂ© in the Gathering Space for a grand finale to our evening.

The cost remains at $10.00 per person.  Look for the sign up/information poster board in the Gathering Space. Monetary Collection and further information about the event will be Sunday April 7-May 19.  It is also possible to sign up online. 

Deadline for RSVP is Wednesday, May 22.  Youth and Newcomers are especially welcome. The menu for the dinner will have some Vegetarian choices, and consideration is taken for  other dietary needs.  We welcome any dinner and wine suggestions. For further information contact Sue Nelson or Louise Fang.