Two new books in the Church Library are especially relevant for the Advent season.

Waiting Here for You, an Advent Journey of Hope (242 G) is a set of daily readings and prayers for Advent, with an added twist. The book begins and ends by describing a family in crisis, waiting for death of the mother while also waiting for an adoption birth to happen. The readings, by author Louie Giglio, emphasize the hope of peace and encouragement offered by the journey of Advent. (Spoiler alert: the baby is born on Christmas morning shortly after the mother dies, and is named “Grace” after her.)



When Holidays Hurt; Finding Hidden Hope Amid Pain and Loss (242 S) is another approach to coping with holidays during difficult times. Author Bo Stern faces the first Christmas after her husband is diagnosed with ALS. She can choose to ignore it, fake it, or rescue it. This book is the result of choosing to rescue it with honest, real, and uplifting devotional thoughts for the major holidays.

~Carol Jensen, Church Librarian