How’s this for a catchy title — Jesus, Pope Francis, and a Protestant Walk into a Bar; Lessons for the Christian Church, by Paul Rock and Bill Tammeus? (270.8 R) This slim volume is an honest look at the relations between Catholic and Protestant faiths, in light of Pope Francis’ election in 2013. The authors argue that now is the time to come together to try to understand each other more fully and work toward improved interfaith and interpersonal relations.




Faithful Resistance; Gospel Visions for the Church in a Time of Empire by Rick Ufford-Chase (285 U) is a critical look at the Presbyterian Church in today’s society. The author, who is co-director of the Stony Point Center, has assembled essays that invite readers to struggle with what it means to be a faithful person in the midst of a popular culture at odds with Gospel values. It provides practical ideas for churches who want to address social justice issues, and encourages us to find the heart of what it means to be human in America and to act accordingly.

~Carol Jensen, Church Librarian