“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”
Psalm 24:1

All of creation is a gift and a blessing from God, and God created and calls humankind to till and to keep the earth, to serve and preserve the abundance of life as God created it. As stewards of God’s creation, we strive to live justly in relation to our fellow human beings and the environment in ways that honor and sustain God’s work on Earth.

Our mission is to lead the transformation of the congregation into an intentional community which joyfully worships our Creator, continually educates ourselves and our surrounding community about our place and purpose in the world, and actively works through our ministry and mission to restore the goodness of God’s creation. We challenge the leaders and members of our congregation to consider the environmental impact of our choices and decisions in our actions, programs and policies, and to integrate care for creation into everything we do as a church.


Our church has been certified as a GreenFaith sanctuary. GreenFaith includes organizations from diverse religious traditions who wish to demonstrate and grow their commitment to environmental stewardship. The certification program was a two-year process which included activity requirements in the areas of Spirit, Stewardship, Justice and Communications. Some components of the requirements were including ecological themes in some of our worship services, participating in interfaith environmental activities, conducting educational programs on the theme of environmental justice, and implementing good stewardship practices, examples of which were reducing our energy usage, reducing waste, and conserving water. A more detailed list of the required activities may be found here; note that the program allowed great flexibility in how we chose to fulfill the requirements, allowing us to choose activities which best match how we see God asking us to care for our world.

A first step in the process was to conduct audits of our current practices in the areas of stewardship, spirit, and environmental justice. The audits were extensive, but a brief summary of the results may be found here.

As one of our activities supporting a greater appreciation for the spiritual in the environment, in 2017 we dedicated an outdoor labyrinth, open to the public.

Your GreenFaith team includes Connie Knapp, Jean Post Winget, Tami Seidel, David Lee, Robin Corpolongo, Lynda Spring, Diane Hawlk, Nicole DeCintio, Wendy Whetsel, and Donna Gresh. Contact any of us if you have questions or would like to help in this process!

Now that we have completed certification, our work is not done! Stay tuned for further activities and events!

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