All of the funds raised by the Easter Offering (taken through the end of April) will be split evenly between the Midnight Run organization and Rural & Migrant Ministry.

Each year our congregation gets involved “hands on” in the Midnight Run, contributing lunches, soup, clothing and toiletries, and, most importantly, volunteers to drive down to New York City to deliver our support to those living on the street. 

For the Rural & Migrant Ministry, advocacy is a big part of their mission. Lynda Spring writes: 

For several years I volunteered as a nurse at the summer overnight camp.  The nurses established a scholarship for campers who were going on to higher education but were unable to get financial aid because of their undocumented status. We recently held a fund raiser in Boston and raised $3000.

The money our church donates to RMM does not fund this scholarship; The money we send is used for their operating expenses.

The leadership summer camp has made a big impact on many campers.  They have broken the cycle of poverty by getting an education and employment.

What goes on in New York State on some of the farms is shameful and appalling.  RMM has worked tirelessly to improve living and working conditions. Migrant workers do not have the same rights under NYS law as do many other groups of workers. From Long Island to the western part of the state many of these workers are in very isolated areas without transportation and at the mercy of their employer.

Donations to the Easter offering can be made anytime by using the offering envelope, by marking the check “Easter Offering,” or by using the online link.