DR Mission Trip 2019

Each year, the Mission Commission of the First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown sponsors a domestic or international mission trip. These trips serve the dual purpose of helping people in the communities we visit and helping those members of our congregation who participate grow in spirit, understanding, and perspective. While participants pay for their travel and meals, the church provides a substantial supplement to help cover other trip expenses, including supplies. We are seeking your help as we support our mission team on their journey..

This year, we will build a house for a family in La Guama, a community where 60% of the residents live below the poverty line. 

Will you support our team? https://tinyurl.com/FPCYMissionTrips

Here are some stories and photos from our 2017 trip to Dominican Republic, where our team expanded a house by moving walls and laying a new floor..

Our 2017 DR team spent time everyday playing with children in the community of Derrumbadero, where the team lived for the week. Along with the daily projects, one of the an important goal of each trip is to build relationships with people of all ages.







The 2015 and 2017 teams stayed in close quarters for a week on each trip. The teams learned how to share space well, which built a team unity, and it encouraged the team to be out with the people of the community building relationships.





While working on her home in 2017, the homeowner encouraged the team to take a break and served the team local coffee. The goal of the trip is a balance between working on local projects, like rebuilding a home, and building relationships with people in the community. We want to be there with people, learning who they are and how we are connected, wherever we live.



While expanding the house our mission team worked on in 2017, they were able to also raise the roof line, making the house cooler in the hottest part of the day and creating additional storage space for the family to secure their belongings.