Our special Earth Day worship includes a call to action: What will you commit to doing? Here are some suggestions with links to more information.

  • Read the Disciple electronically instead of on paper. Just send an email to Lisa and ask! You can have each member of your family receive their own e-copy.
  • Do you have old eyeglasses? Donate them to the Lions Club for reuse! There are donation boxes at Putnam County Savings Bank in Yorktown (near Kmart) and in Jefferson Valley (near Decicco Market)
  • Commit to using reusable grocery bags– and recycle the plastic ones you may get at the grocery store– they have bins for that
  • Visit a local farmers’ market for your weekly shopping. We have a list!
  • Recycle your old electronics. Here are some pointers.
  • Want to take part in Solarize Hudson River Presbytery? Check here.
  • Shop vintage. You’ll be saving money, and the environment.
  • Ask yourself: How many times will I wear this? Don’t buy clothing that will either wear out quickly, or, that you’ll barely wear.
  • Consider the fabric. Different materials have different environmental impacts, so that’s something to take into consideration too. Think wool over synthetics.
  • Donate old clothes. Green Drop will pick them up, or you can drop them off at places like Yorktown Love in Action.
  • Even better, use those too old to be donated for other purposes, like sewing projects or cleaning rags. Some animal shelters, such as Westchester’s SPCA will take old sheets and towels for bedding material as well.
  • Before throwing away, ask: Can I re-use or repair this?  
  • Donate working electronics.
  • Go Vegetarian, if not all or most of the time, then try Meatless Mondays. Exploring cuisines which are naturally vegetable heavy (such as Southeast Asian) is a great way to make your meals exciting.
  • Want to make a big impact? For you next car, consider electric or hybrid. From this article in the NY Times, this is a great high impact action. If every American household drove a vehicle getting 56 miles per gallon, it would reduce U.S. emissions by 10 percent.
  • Donate your old sneakers to Nike.  Your old sneakers may become part of a running track, playground or new Nike products.   Most Nike or Converse factory stores will accept the drop off (up to 10 pairs of shoes), OR you can send them to: Nike Grind Processing, U.S. Facility, 3552 Avenue of Commerce, Memphis, TN 38125.  
  • Before throwing an item away “google” alternate uses to tap into other people’s ideas.  
  • Over ripe produce can be used in soup. You can also chop the produce up, freeze it and use in soup later; throw it into the blender and make juice.