The science is in! Singing is really, really good for you and the most recent research suggests that group singing is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. Scientists have discovered that when you sing, the musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape. It takes something incredibly intimate, a sound that begins inside you, shares it with a roomful of people, and it comes back as something even more thrilling: harmony. According to Chorus America, 32.5 million adults sing in choirs, up by almost 10 million over the past six years. What researchers have discovered is that singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, one that that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits. Many studies find that singing relieves anxiety and contributes to quality of life. Group singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and more fun than working out. One writer states: “It is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed. Even if you walked into rehearsal exhausted and depressed, by the end of the night you’ll walk out high as a kite on endorphins and good will.” Neuroscience research finds that singing connects neural pathways and fires up the right temporal lobe of the brain, releasing endorphins, which make people healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. Not surprisingly, music has been dubbed the ‘food of neuroscience’ and provides a powerful model of how the brain can change in response to the environment. A recent study states that “music evolved as a tool of social living,” and that the pleasure that comes from singing together is our evolutionary reward for coming together cooperatively, instead of hiding alone, every cave-dweller for him or herself. The research suggests that creating music together evolved as a tool of social living. Groups and tribes sang and danced together to build loyalty, transmit vital information and ward off enemies. Singing is a natural ability for humans.

Come and do something healthy for yourself! Adult Choir rehearsals begin Thursday, September 7th at 8:00 p.m. in the Music/Board room.

The choir sings each Sunday at the 10:45 worship from September through May. The choir is open to all who love to sing. Previous choral singing experience is not required but a basic ability to read music is a help. Singers are encouraged to participate as their schedules allow. A friendly core group of experienced singers welcomes newcomers and helps them feel secure.