We ask that you join us this summer and throughout the year in lending a helping hand and heart to those in need. Three particular opportunities to help this summer are with our School Supplies and Food Pantry missions as well as with an important summer blood drive for the Red Cross.

Through the special offerings we are able to purchase SCHOOL SUPPLIES for the elementary-aged children of our Food Pantry clients, and what a difference it makes to them! For the middle-school and high-school children, we rely on donations of the items themselves (see here below for our current needs).

Why not use the more relaxed time of summer to come experience the hands-on mission of our FOOD PANTRY? Come join us at 8-11am on Saturdays July 14, July 28, August 11 or August 25. Contact Katharine Frase if you can help. Perhaps you can pick up the bread at Panera Bread on Friday night or help on the dates above. Volunteering to work at the Pantry is a chance to not only give food to those in need, but to offer a smile and a kind word. We can nurture lives in so many ways.

Did you know that every two seconds someone in American needs a blood transfusion? And did you know that all of us can help? Your blood donation could help a newborn infant, someone being treated for cancer or a blood disorder or someone who has been in a serious accident. By giving blood, we may help save the life of someone’s sister, father or dear friend. We could even save the life of someone we know. Summertime is a more difficult time for blood banks to get donors, so after last year’s successful BLOOD DRIVE, we are going to partner with the Red Cross once again on August 11 from 10am-3pm.

We wish you a beautiful and bountiful summer—and may we share our blessings with those who need a helping hand and a helping voice. As we know, hunger and heartache have no season.

~Judy Chessa, Moderator