Amnesty International Please come to the Amnesty table in Fellowship Hall on the second Sunday of each month, to sign letters and petitions requesting justice  for those who are being... (More...)

For anyone stopping by the Church Office recently, you will have seen quite a mess! We are making considerable progress on our plan for totally refurbishing the Office. Much work on... (More...)

As we travel on our journey through Advent and anticipate the joy of the Good News, we take a moment to reflect on the ministry of  the Deacons. We might call the Deacons “the... (More...)

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The Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr. A look at how Martin Luther King’s theological studies influenced, shaped, and transformed the activist path that he pursued during his public... (More...)

Our journey through Advent and Christmas set the course of our ministry in 2012. The way of hope, peace, joy and love takes us into the neighborhoods of our lives to meet Christ in... (More...)

Hi, everyone. This advisory is to explain why we have traffic cones across the driveway at the rear of our Church facilities. We have had an increasing number of incidents where drivers... (More...)

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Last April the cover story in Time Magazine was entitled What if there‘s no Hell? It was a discussion of Rob Bell’s latest book Love Wins; a Book about Heaven, Hell, and the... (More...)


Some Interesting facts about our buildings past and present: The first church sanctuary was erected in 1738 – 38 feet by 44 feet in dimensions, with a gallery on three sides and... (More...)


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