This month, we’d like to shine the spotlight on our Connect class for 5th and 6th grade students. The Connect curriculum is specially designed for preteens, and utilizes videos, Bible study, and projects to explore connections between Old Testament and New Testament stories. The Connect class meets each week at 9:30 in Room 16, and is led by an amazing group of teachers (Alice Chin, Bill Herman, Jill Pagliettini and Kathy Leonard). Please feel free to invite a 5th or 6th grader that you know, or let us know if you are interested in becoming involved as a Connect teacher next year (you do not have to have a child in Sunday School to volunteer as a teacher!). Here is the scoop on their latest activities

The 5th/6th graders are CONNECTing with the stories and lessons from The Old Testament. Our 2nd unit’s lesson began with Moses demonstrating how God chooses the most ordinary people, like Moses, to do “superhero” tasks. Yet, even with God’s promise, the Israelites don’t always obediently follow, because they are scared of the unknown or changes. Through it all, we see how God is always with us, continues to love us and gives us the necessary courage to wipe away our fears.

A gentle reminder to parents of PreK-4th grade students – please remember to sign your child in/out of Sunday School each week (or send in a signed note) in accordance with the new child safety policy.


~Michele Mosca and Jessica Mayes

Sunday School Superintendents