The Ushering Ministry

We will not neglect hospitality to strangers, for by doing that, some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

The Ushering Ministry is a leaderless gathering of members of the congregation who value welcoming the visitor and friend alike. It is an outgrowth of the Worship Design Commission, which oversees its ministry.

To promote organizational functioning, and to provide a consistent and predictable schedule of ushers, the Usher Ministry is divided into twelve teams of 3-5 members each. Six teams care for the 8:30 worship service, and 6 teams care for the 10:45 service. Teams rotate during the single summer service.  Each team decides  amongst themselves who will be their “captain”. A schedule for the year is provided to each member with dates that each team will serve.

If a member of a team cannot serve on that day, they will “replace” themselves by swapping with a member of another team, or arranging with  a member from the substitute list, if available. They will then notify their team’s captain that they will not be ushering on that day, and provide the name of the person they have arranged to replace them. By Tuesday of the week the usher cannot serve, that usher should also call the office and let the secretary know who is their replacement, and she will put that in the Bulletin. All usher teams are provided with the complete list of all those participating in the Usher Ministry as well as substitutes.

The following values were gathered at a meeting of Ushering Ministry members.

We will be available to worshipers as they arrive at the Sanctuary by being in place:

  • For the 8:30 service, we will be in place by 8:10 a.m.
  • For the 10:45 service we will be in place by 10:20


  • We will make sure that the space is ready for worship (Bulletins at each door, ushering plates in the back, pews and aisles clean, hymn numbers correctly listed)
  • We will greet warmly all those who enter our church.
  • We will do our best to try to use people’s names when we greet them.
  • We will talk to people as they enter, and try to get to know people so we can learn their names
  • We will provide for people’s needs — giving them space if they seem to need that, and watching out for worshipers during the service in case they need assistance.
  • We will make children feel welcome.
  • We will introduce people to others they do not know
  • We will be mindful of newcomers and invite them to coffee hour.
  • We will make sure there are no “empty” doors by ensuring that an usher is located near the side door and the front door.
  • We will be watchful during the service of needs and problems that may arise (e.g., people who don’t have hymnals, Bulletins, need assistance with children, taking communion)
  • We will ensure an adequate distribution of Bulletins so that no door is without Bulletins
  • We will assist by taking a “head count” and record it on the appropriate slips.