Hospital Visitations and Prayer Concerns

We will be glad to visit you, or your family, if you are in the hospital, and also respect your wishes if it turns out that when we arrive, it is not to be a good time to visit. Please be sure to tell the pastors or the office when you are in the hospital. The church receives no notifications from hospitals.

Out of concern for confidentiality, all of us need to be careful in sharing prayer concerns in the service on Sunday. Our service is public and is usually recorded. We need to be certain that we have someone’s permission before using their name in the service, and even then, to respect their privacy and not give out all the details of the illness or the treatment. For our prayers it is often enough to know that someone is in a particular hospital. If you wish to tell one of the pastors more details, that should be done after the service in a more private setting. We certainly want to continue our tradition of caring for each other and upholding each other in prayer, but we also need to respect each other’s privacy and dignity.