Incorporating YouTube Video in Pages and Posts

A page or a post can either link to a video that is posted on YouTube (so that the user has to click on the link to go to YouTube and see the video), or the page or post can embed the video to display it within the page.

  • To link to a video on YouTube, put the link within the page or post, just like any other link.  Select the link text, then click on the “link” button in the visual editor, and enter the URL in the popup window. For example, this text links to a “Super Bible Man” video on YouTube.
  • To embed a YouTube video directly in a page or post, insert the link URL as text in the page or post.  Start the link with “httpv” instead of “http”.  The website will display the first frame of the video with a “play” button superimposed. The user can then press the “play” button to view the video. For example, the same video is embedded below.  (Edit this page to see how it’s done.)