Hosting Coffee Hour


We welcome your help in hosting coffee hour! It’s fun! It’s easy!

The three areas where we welcome your help are:  (click here for more support details + see our video)

  1. Set up: ensuring the tables, coffee pots/drinks, and corresponding supplies are ready
  2. Hosting: monitoring enough milk/supplies available, prepare and putting out snacks
  3. Clean up: wash and put away pots and supplies, and the binder, save leftovers in refrigerator,  clean tablecloths

The signup sheet (in a white loose leaf binder) is always kept in the kitchen front left corner  (under the supply cabinets). Signup binder/sheets are displayed during the coffee hour(s) on one of the snack tables.

We also like to encourage and invite our Youth to participate during our coffee hour time in Fellowship Hall to volunteer their help, entertain our congregation with your many talents (ie: piano/instrument playing), or even a theme based skit you wish to present. We love to see, hear and acknowledge what our Youth are up to.

Your volunteer hospitality help will make a big difference in support for our fellowship coffee hour(s).