What is Online Giving?


FPCY offers a safe and secure means of making one-time, weekly or monthly donations online. We want to encourage you to consider using this method for your donations to fulfill your pledge to the church.  You can also donate to other missions of the church.

Online Giving offers the convenience of being able to give from anywhere at any time that is convenient for you. Online Giving simplifies life by eliminating the need to write checks or bring cash for the offering, while fulfilling your pledged commitment for the year.

FPCY partners with Vanco Services to provide this secure service and handles all details via a secure webpage. Using Online Giving, you authorize transfers from your bank account to the church’s bank account as often as you request.

The basics of online giving

How Does FPCY’s Online Giving Work?

Donations are always under your control. You decide whether a donation is a one-time or recurring gift. For those that repeat weekly or monthly, you control when they start and when they end.  You can get records of all transactions made through the Online Giving web page. And, as always, your donations are tax deductible and confidential.

To set up an account,  go to the Give Now page or click the “Give Now” button wherever it appears on the website. There is also a link to the Giving page on the home page of the website. Enter your email address in the appropriate place, along with your gift amount and where you want to direct it. You will then be offered a choice to create a login if you wish. In this way you can have your bank information saved to your profile. If you already have a login on MyFPCY, just use the email address associated with that login and the system will recognize you and ask for your password.  You will then have an opportunity to enter your banking information. Press the “Give” button to submit your gift.

You may also simply make a one-time gift without logging in by entering the amount and your banking information.

Once a donation is made, you receive a printer-friendly confirmation page and may also request an e-mail confirmation. If you’ve created an account, on future visits you login with the same email and password to make, change or view donations without the need to re-enter personal information.

Can I cancel or change my Online Giving?

Yes. You can change or cancel your donation anytime before the date of your next donation. Click the Give Now button and log in to the system using your email address and password and make the necessary changes.  Once an electronic transfer is completed, it cannot be reversed, but you can call the church office to discuss options.

Can the church office help me setup Online Giving?

Contact the church office if you need help establishing or managing your Online Giving.

How secure is Online Giving?

Your bank account information is stored only on Vanco’s secure system. You can see more information about Vanco Services security here.

How does FPCY process Electronic Donations?

FPCY, through Vanco, receives electronic notification about donations. Donations are entered into our financial system and your giving record.

How can I keep track of my giving?

The church mails statements periodically throughout the year, and at year-end (January). These statements list all donations. If you have established a MyFPCY account, you can check your giving at any time in MyFPCY. If you do not see a donation, it may not be posted yet. (It may take a week or so to be updated as the contributions are processed in batches.) You can always contact the office to check on it.

Is there any charge or fee to me for using Online Giving?

No, there is no charge to the donor, and your donation is tax deductible. The church pays a nominal fee for the convenience and security of the service.

Who can I talk to about further questions that I have?

For any questions about the online giving system, please contact the church office by e-mail at office@fpcyorktown.org or by phone at (914) 245-2186.

How to think about online giving in the context of our church

Online Giving has provided a way for people to be faithful givers to the mission of our church. 30% of our giving now happens online. People set up one­time and recurring payments that are transferred from their bank account to the church’s account. The convenience allows people to support the mission of the church which they believe in very strongly in the midst of lifestyles that don’t always allow people to attend church weekly. And, in an age when people no longer carry money in their wallets as much, online giving allows them to give as much as they want when they want.

Here are some things to know about Online Giving as you use it or consider using it.

  • Online Giving replaces envelopes. We order fewer boxes of envelopes (and reduce our costs) because people give online.
  • Online Giving requires thoughtfulness about giving to special offerings. Without envelopes to remind us, giving to special offerings must be done using a pew envelope or by setting up a special gift to the offering online.
  • Online giving allows donors to set their own frequency of giving. Once you create an account through the website above, start and stop dates can be added as well as how often (one time, weekly, monthly) giving should occur. Along with setting the frequency for regular giving, the frequency can be set for any special offerings as well.
  • Online Giving has a convenience cost to the church. Each transaction from a bank account costs $.25. As you think about giving online, the church’s costs go down when transactions happen once a month or once a quarter or once or twice a year.
  • Online Giving can be changed at any time. At least annually, update your giving. Pledges are not automatically updated. They must be edited in your Online Giving account.
  • Online Giving is safe and secure. Vanco, the company with whom we work, provides this secure service and has built a secure webpage through which to give.

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