Two new books in the Church Library are especially relevant for the Advent season. Waiting Here for You, an Advent Journey of Hope (242 G) is a set of daily readings and prayers for... (More...)

The gang-infested ghettos of Los Angeles are so far from suburban Westchester County that it’s difficult to imagine what it’s like. Jesuit priest Gregory Boyle has gathered anecdotes... (More...)

Who would think there are Bible stories that can help small children learn to count? The answer is a new book for very young children: “Who Counts? 100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2... (More...)

Two new books to give you something to think about while you’re enjoying the rest of the summer: Writer and former missionary Scott Dannemiller has a true gift for storytelling.... (More...)

Bruce Feiler has written extensively on Biblical topics and presented television series such as Walking the Bible. In his latest book, The First Love Story; Adam, Eve, and Us (222 F),... (More...)

Many of you appreciated our Lenten focus on the practice of Sabbath, and many would like to continue to explore how this spiritual discipline can help us grow in our faith and thrive... (More...)

Forget the blizzard of March, think spring! Two new books in the church library can help. On April 23 we will dedicate our labyrinth. Get a head start with Walking the Labyrinth; a... (More...)

Since I now have the luxury of retirement, I don’t feel overloaded and stressed out too often. However, I remember days packed with soccer practices, violin lessons, meals to prepare,... (More...)

Rev. Desmond Tutu is not only a Nobel Laureate and an iconic South-African activist but also a prolific author. Two of his books are now in the church library. In No Future without... (More...)

David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times Op Ed page, has recently mused as much about philosophy as politics. In his latest book, The Road to Character (170 B), he asserts that... (More...)

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