Forget the blizzard of March, think spring! Two new books in the church library can help. On April 23 we will dedicate our labyrinth. Get a head start with Walking the Labyrinth; a... (More...)

Since I now have the luxury of retirement, I don’t feel overloaded and stressed out too often. However, I remember days packed with soccer practices, violin lessons, meals to prepare,... (More...)

Rev. Desmond Tutu is not only a Nobel Laureate and an iconic South-African activist but also a prolific author. Two of his books are now in the church library. In No Future without... (More...)

David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times Op Ed page, has recently mused as much about philosophy as politics. In his latest book, The Road to Character (170 B), he asserts that... (More...)

Christmas is Not Your Birthday, by Mike Slaughter (248 S). In the midst of holiday shopping, we need a reminder that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not ours! This book will help... (More...)

In the Church Library you can study the Bible, improve your spiritual life, learn about social issues, and many other topics. But sometimes you might just want to answer a specific... (More...)

Best-selling writer and public speaker Eric Metaxas’ book Miracles; what they are, why they happen, and how they can change your life (213 M) explores several aspects of the... (More...)

        Interested in learning more about the intersection of faith and science after our recent Sunday events? John Polkinghorne, internationally known as both... (More...)

The neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi learned he had lung cancer when he was 35 and died two years later. When Breath becomes Air (155.9 K) is his meditation on the reversal of roles when... (More...)

It’s not too late for New Year’s resolutions! But this book is not about weight loss or firmer abs;­­ the goals in Hands Free Life (249 S) are in its subtitle: 9 Habits for... (More...)

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