Faith and Science Kirk Wegter POST (1)

Sunday April 10 Kirk Wegter-McNelly, visiting professor at Union College in the Religious Studies Program, will be in our pulpit and will lead the adult education discussion. Kirk is the author of The Entangled God: Divine Relationality and Quantum Physics. You don’t need to understand quantum physics (or God) to be part of the discussion, so please plan to join us for the adult education hour at 9:30 on Sunday and for the Sermon for Lunch at noon (lunch is supplied!).

We will continue our study of faith and science using Ronald Cole-Turner’s book. We’ll discuss Brain and Mind (session 5) on April 17th and Technology and the Future (session 6) on April 24th. We’re hoping to have one of FPCY’s own scientists speak with us on May 1st-stay tuned!