The Christmas market is sponsored by the Mission Commission and the Sunday School to promote the ideas of honoring Jesus’ birthday by helping others with the gifts we purchase, and of buying less commercial Christmas gifts. Through this market, our Sunday School hopes to remind the kids whose birthday Christmas truly is–Jesus’– and while presents are nice, that is not the main purpose of Christmas. We also hope that through this market they learn about the needs of others, and fair treatment through the purchase of these Fair Trade gifts.

We will continue to sell hand made items from various developing countries including India, Indonesia, Philippines, Africa, Central and South American, etc. The organizations that back the small co-ops that produce our goods are SERRV International and 10,000 Villages, as well as Dean’s Beans–our popular guaranteed Fair Trade coffee and organic hot cocoa provider.

We will also be selling shares of animals and fast-growing Moringa tree seeds through our Presbyterian Giving Catalog.  Our denomination has been empowering women and families through gifts of pigs, goats, chicks, and cows for a number of years now.  Last year, we sold Moringa tree seeds through this catalog, which helped to re-forest the Dominican Republic. Who knows, there may be a visit from a familiar guest!

Come support our World Mission project for this year: give the world a present for Christmas. You’ll get a lot of “bang for your buck”: an honorable gift for Jesus’ birthday, helping others earn a living, saving the planet with sustainable farming and animal husbandry, AND some unique Christmas presents to boot!