Adult Education POST

“it ain’t over ‘til it’s over (with thanks to Yogi Berra and apologies for the poor English)!”

We’ll continue our exploration of Civility: American Politics and Christian Responses with us on Sunday June 5th by asking,  “What kinds of commitments, behavior, and practices does civility actually require?” This will be our last Sunday morning Adult Forum for this program year.

Our Thursday morning group continues its study of Christianity and world religions using Adam Hamilton’s book of the same name along with a series of pilgrimage videos narrated by Bruce Feiler.  We’re studying Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, and viewing sacred journeys in each of these traditions. The Thursday morning group will run until late June. We’ll be finishing our study of Islam on June 2. We’ll be studying Judaism on June 9 and 16, and Christianity on June 23 and 30. On the first date listed we’ll discuss the chapter in the Hamilton book, and the second date listed we’ll watch the video Sacred Journeys. All are welcome to join for any one or all of these discussions. 

Our Covenant and Disciple groups have finished for the year. Interested in joining a group for next year? Let Chip or Tami know.

Have some ideas for an adult ed program? Share your thoughts with any member of the Adult Ed Planning Team – Shawn Cribari, Connie Knapp, Jean Post-Winget, Lynda Spring – or Chip or Tami.