Civility POST (1)

What happened to civility in public discourse? While civility has long been a factor of Christianity and even in American politics, more recently it seems that our society and many of its leaders suffer from an appalling lack of it.

Adult Ed on Sunday mornings at 9:30 will be spending three weeks on Civility: American Politics and Christian Responses. These three weeks will be based on a curriculum from The Thoughtful Christian. Here’s their description of the study.

  • May 15: The ideal of civility is deeply rooted in American politics. Leader: Connie
  • May 22: Civility has deep moral roots in Christianity. Leader: Shawn
  • June 5: What kinds of commitments, behavior and practices does civility actually require? Leader: TBD
Each session has a participant guide that will be distributed on Sunday morning.
Join us in the lounge/library on Sunday mornings for this very timely topic!