Food Panrty Story POST

Currently the FPCY Pantry delivers 175­200 pre­packaged bags per month. In 2015 over 464 households received approximately 4,320 bags of Pre­packaged groceries. Just to give you an idea of what this means, Jose unloads over 5,000 pounds of food every other Friday which is delivered from the Food Bank! That is 5 tons each month! We all can certainly be joyful and thankful for this abundance and our ability to continue serving so many people in our community.

Today the Deacons are again prayerfully considering a “change” in the way our Food Pantry will be able to offer and provide food to its recipients – this is in keeping with Jesus’ promise that he seeks all lambs that are lost and cold – that everyone counts including “YOU.”

We are looking into how, when and why we can change our current method of providing pre­packaged bags to a new and more open model where clients can come in on Saturdays and have an active part in actually choosing the foods based on what their family’s particular needs and personal preferences are.

The question may be asked, “But why? Why give people a choice? Certainly that can’t be much more time effective and efficient than the way it is currently being done?” The discussion, it turns out, is much broader than you would think. There are many reasons why a new “Model” of increased choice or of full choice can be not only more effective and efficient, but can also achieve our primary objective to follow Jesus’ command that we serve and love one another as He has loved us.

Keep a look out over the next few months as we will elaborate on the many many thoughts, reasons and considerations that are being evaluated by your Deacons and Session as we move forward as a congregation in this Ministry over the next few years. As always, the Deacons are joyful and grateful for your support and generosity of time, talents and money in supporting all our Ministries. Do continue to support us – your help and donations are always welcomed.