April 22 – International Artists “Juilliard 415”

An Early Music Ensemble with Choir and Soloists
Musical Reflections on Don Quixote

The Sunday Afternoon Concert Series will present the first of two spring concerts on Sunday afternoon, April 22 at 4:15 pm. Members of the Juilliard 415 period instrument ensemble will join with our choir in a concert of baroque, classical and contemporary music drawn from the 1700’s to Broadway, played on period instruments.

Juilliard 415 is the school’s principal period-instrument ensemble and has received unanimous critical praise for its performances of both rare and canonical works of the 17th and 18th centuries. The ensemble takes its name from the pitch commonly accepted for the performance of Baroque music. “415” refers to the tuning pitch of stringed instruments. “A” is the note, typically sounded before a rehearsal or concert, to which all instruments are tuned; in Baroque music, musicians tune their A to 415 Hz or Hertz, which refers to the number of cycles per second. On a modern piano this pitch would sound like A-flat, or a half-step lower than usual.

This highly acclaimed professional ensemble has traveled internationally, been featured on WQXR, the New York Times classical musical station, and New York Public Radio. Their performances at Lincoln Center this year were sold out! This very entertaining and light-hearted concert will explore musical themes dedicated to Don Quixote.

To save any confusion, the concert will begin at 4:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary. A reception will follow the performance in Fellowship Hall. Please join us for this exceptional concert!

Come to the Cabaret!

On Saturday evening, May 12th, at 7:00 p.m., the Concert Series will present an International Salon and Cabaret. The event will be held in Fellowship Hall, and guests to the cabaret will be seated at intimate tables to be entertained by singers who create a special cabaret atmosphere filled with music and dance. Cabaret inherits its name from the French wine cellars and taverns of its birth, and became an international art form that combined a place for artists to perform as well as an intimate, intellectually ambitious revue. Cabaret songs were often satirical, politically risqué, and avant garde. The cabaret performer played directly to his audience, and this intimacy broke down the usual distance of stage performer from audience member. Prepare to enter the international world of the Cabaret! Stunning music will take the audience on a journey through the portals of old Paris, pre-war Berlin and Buenos Aires, to the Cotton Club and Tavern on the Green in New York. The Cabaret will feature many of the choir in solo and group performances as well as percussion and cello.

Light refreshments will be served at your tables. This is an evening’s entertainment for adults, and sure to be a sizzling, romantic, and witty evening of fun.

Christie Herman, Worship Commission